Andre, I would like to thank you for the phenomenal benefit that our conversations have had on my self-awareness and relationships with others around me. You are an insightful, understanding and very perceptive listener and I admire your skills as a coach. Since discussing my goals with you, I have been able to create and implement new approaches to achieving not only better, but more meaningful outcomes. I feel more focused, confident and relaxed in carrying out my role, and the people I work with are responding positively to the changes I have made in my approach to conversations. Thank you, once again, for enlightening me as to what I can achieve when approaching goals and relationships with genuine curiosity. Feb 2017  

Jess, Chief Executive Officer in Charity Sector


extraordinary leaders - thriving organisations

The Burki Leadership speciality is to support leadership growth for individual executives/leaders and to promote Collective Leadership for teams and organisations. Clarity and connectedness, courage and care will help you thrive to the benefit of all stakeholders.

Example of projects 2018:

  • Coached individuals in personal and/or functional challenging times to get more clarity, energy and better results as CEOs, managers, specialists or just as humans wanting to improve, develop themselves and increase their success and happiness.
  • Facilitated business transformation process: helping to move from a hierarchical reactive culture to a collective high functioning network, from having a job to pursue a purpose, from drifting in the mist to having a clear vision and goals, basically: to move from good to extraordinary.
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