Andre, I would like to thank you for the phenomenal benefit that our conversations have had on my self-awareness and relationships with others around me. You are an insightful, understanding and very perceptive listener and I admire your skills as a coach. Since discussing my goals with you, I have been able to create and implement new approaches to achieving not only better, but more meaningful outcomes. I feel more focused, confident and relaxed in carrying out my role, and the people I work with are responding positively to the changes I have made in my approach to conversations. Thank you, once again, for enlightening me as to what I can achieve when approaching goals and relationships with genuine curiosity. Feb 2017  

Jess, Chief Executive Officer in Charity Sector



I am an international executive, leadership & personal coach as well as a passionate team developer and organisational constellator living in Perth, Western Australia. Having the passion for what people can accomplish when they work together, I can help you identify, design and do the next development steps.

My speciality is to resolve conflicts and to remove communication issues or management problems that stand in the way of a prosperous future.

I can guarantee that you as an individual, team leader or head of a small/large organisation will get immediate and lasting measurable benefits such as:

  • higher engagement
  • reduced staff turnover
  • improved efficiency
  • increased customer satisfaction

Your success is my interest! Contact me and let me know how I can serve you.